Thursday, May 10, 2012

Here ya go.

"Here ya go." What does that even mean?

Just spent $400 at Home Depot. After scanning the little bar codes, the cashier hands me my receipt and says, "Here ya go." Not, "Thank you." Not even the ubiquitous and now meaningless, "Have a nice day."

Here. Ya. Go.

She actually seemed to be waiting for me to thank HER for handing me my receipt--which is actually the proof that she should be thanking me for adding $400 to Home Depot's coffers. This, as astute readers will surmise, results in her company being able to pay her. I have seen many, many polite Midwesterners, after hearing, "Here ya go," thank the cashier for giving them a receipt. And the cashier proudly replying, "You're welcome!" Heck, they have even tricked me into thanking them for handing me a receipt. You would think they would be at least Midwestern polite enough to thank me for thanking them.

This does not just occur at Home Depot, it seems to be very pervasive lately. What happened to thanking your customers? Do employees not understand the process? Money comes in from customers to company in exchange for merchandise. Company doles a small portion of that money out to employees as pay for taking customers' money. Is that too big of a stretch to comprehend that customers pay their wages?

Apparently. Here ya go.

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