Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not funny, but it kind of is...

Have you heard about the latest spam scam? Those pesky scammers are targeting attorneys, and hitting us where we live (some attorneys anyway). Right in the ego.

Starts out with the usual professionally polite nearly sychophantic introduction, commenting on how the attorney was referred to the scammer by some lofty individual or organization. My recommendation came via the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, so they said. The story goes that Mr. Scammer is owed significant sums of money by some nefarious deadbeat located in the attorney's jurisdiction. But of course, since Mr. Scammer is located in some foreign locale, it is very difficult for him to try to collect. Because of the attorney's stellar reputation, Mr. Scammer is just certain the attorney could obtain that money.

For those simple individuals that took the bait, here's what happens. The attorney sends a demand letter to Deadbeat, Inc. (or Mr. Deadbeat, as the case may be). Deadbeat, Inc., due in no small part to the attorney's aggressive tactics, stellar reputation, and impressive legal acumen, immediately forwards a certified check to the attorney via overnight courier. Mr. Scammer is so grateful, and requests the attorney to please wire the funds and of course keep a healthy, nay, HUGE fee for the valiant efforts in bringing Deadbeat, Inc. to justice so quickly. Without breaking a sweat. Before tee time!

Here's where it gets comical/sad. The check was a forgery and Mr. Scammer and Deadbeat, Inc. are in cahoots (if not the same individual). The attorney gets to pony up the shortfall in his trust account.

Seriously, if it sounds too good to be true.........