Monday, April 5, 2010

Poltergeist Drywall?

Air conditioners failing-several times a year. Outlets that no longer work. Television sets failing. Plumbing leaks in the walls. Stereos failing. All of your electrical wiring and your silverware turns black. Odd "fire and brimstone" smells in your home. A poltergoost!? Could be, Neil. Or it could be your drywall has hydrogen sulfide (a/k/a hydrosulfuric acid) in it. Perhaps hundreds of thousands of homes in numerous states may need to have all of the drywall, electrical components and wiring, gas service piping, fire suppression sprinkler systems, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms replaced. Not to mention all of your electronics and silver.

There are also people losing their homes to genius lenders because of this. Logically, when you have to gut your walls, electrical, gas service, and plumbing, you might need to crash somewhere else for a few weeks, no? Amazing, in a recession, many people cannot afford to pay the mortgage, pay for repairs, AND pay for another place to live while the work is done. Some lenders are already proceeding with foreclosure against these properties, even though the owners have tried to make arrangements with those lenders for some forebearance while repairs are made. Talk about toxic assets.

The only good news I could find in this story, and it ain't much, is that there are currently no reports of this drywall being sold in Illinois or Iowa.

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